Long time no post

I have still yet to get back into the blogging swing of things since coming home to the states. Something about the combination of guests, Thanksgiving, more guests, trip to Sweden, final exams, three-week holiday vacation in six European cities, coming home, moving into a new apartment, and then a weekend to relax before the start of the new semester has left me reeling.

Anyway, I hope to start blogging again, especially because Tulsa actually offers a decent amount of natural light for photography. Until then, I found a picture that sums up a lot of my life living in Oslo.

staring at an empty chair

This is a breakfast I made for myself one morning while my boyfriend was asleep in bed. I ate it by myself in my little messy apartment kitchen. Mackerel, onion and sour cream omelet with orange slices, a carrot, tea and milk. Oh, Tine, my favorite dairy monopoly! What would I have done without Norwegian milk products? And of course grainy bread, which is conspicuously missing in this breakfast photo.

We also ate a hell of a lot of omelets in Norway, too. And gallons of hot tea.



Nicole Nascenzi said...

Glad to see you are back blogging!

Alt godt said...

I love Tine too, it is not a monopoly, although by far the biggest. Oh, and their Lettrømme... Couldn't live without it... :D